Our firm’s essential strengths lie in our in-depth understanding of the business environment in both China and Hong Kong and our outstanding bilingual capability.


Comprehensive understanding of Chinese and Hong Kong legal environment

Our legal specialists have years of experience in handling PRC-related projects and have a thorough understanding of the Chinese legal environment, including specific rules related to foreign investment, corporate finance, securities and banking laws. This complements our HK law capability,  which is centered on transactions for HK listed companies such as connected transactions, mergers and acquisitions, placements and IPOs.


Bilingual capacity in providing quality professionallegal service 

Furthermore, our fluency in English and Chinese (both Cantonese and Mandarin) have held a whip hand. Firstly, our bilingual capacity facilitates an effective communication with the management teams of the Chinese companies as to their intentions or plans; and secondly, we draft bilingual legal documents and provide quality legal document translation services in English and Chinese effectively.  Our uncompromising quality of service and excellent linguistic ability enable us to protect the legal interests of both multi-national and domestic corporations.


Proactive Vision

Following the steady growth of China’s economy, the firm sees a booming need for cross-border legal service and market-driven models. The rapid growth of private companies in China with financing needs, and soaring foreign direct investment into China, are also sparked by WTO liberalization within previously protected sectors in China. We are confident that with our unique understanding of the PRC and HK laws and excellent bilingual capabilities, as well as our main base in a principal Asian financial center, we are well placed to benefit from these developments.


Proven Record of Success

Since we commenced operation in 2000, the firm has already handled a number of corporate and commercial projects and provided clients with comprehensive legal services. We are flexible in coping with demands arise from differences between sectors as we have served clients from various industries, including PRC corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions, conveyancing, buildings, infrastructure, mining, energy, science and technology, environment, aviation, gas, food, packaging, apparel, marketing communication, electronic components, construction, food and beverage, packaging and fashion, Our firm provided a wide range of professional legal services for clients such as IPOs, merger and acquisition, asset injection, share placement and connected transaction, while some of which had a total transaction value around RMB 12 billion.